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Crowd Funding Campaign

Who are we?

Fuata Moyo is a Swahili phrase meaning “to follow the heART”. Fuata Moyo is a brand and production company combining art and fashion to create unique pieces with personality. At Fuata Moyo we believe that love is the spirit that motivates an artist’s journey and home is where the heART is. Fuata Moyo is co-owned by siblings, Kabambi, Martine, Luciane, and Tshimaro Mbiola who come from a creatively gifted family with art and design embedded in their DNA. Fuata Moya is about continuing the family legacy and taking it to new heights.

Where to find us?

Fuata Moyo is currently collaborating with EGG Concept Retail.  EGG is an OMNI-channel retail platform and space for local and international brands and designers. It is an innovative collaboration between Old Mutual and fashion retail entrepreneurs, Paul Simon (of Young Designers Emporium fame), and Arie Fabian (best known for building the Fabiani brand). EGG is based on the YDE model whereby disruptors, innovators, and entrepreneurs are brought together and unite under one highly creative, inspirational curated space.

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