he(ART) IN SESSION Mama Africa


he(ART) IN SESSION is a journey into the mind of South Africa’s finest visual artists both emerging and established in the south African art industry.We aim to create a platform that allows our audience to converse, discuss and create under the tutelage of these selected artists.Learning some of their techniques, understanding the inspiration behind their renowned works and hearing their real stories.we hope that by bring everyday people together with these create minds, that we can help bridge the gap between the art and the people who are to consume it.Ultimately changing the view on fine art from a bourgeois construct to a medium that we all can love and connect with.Our SESSIONS will be hosted by the Fuata Moyo team, this month we are excited to be collaborating with mama Africa to curate our heart in session in their premises, Address: 178 Long St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001Which will be curated by the artist to suit their preferred teaching setting, after our meet and greet and Q&A the nights main event is a art session guided by the artist, where they take us under their wing with a step by step class where we all become their students. This month he(ART) IN SESSION is sponsored by mama Africa, so welcome drinks will be the taste of African beer, Umqombothi feel free to sip while you paint.

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