Fuata Moyo: Follow the HeArt

This is how you can make our Dream a Reality:

Who are we?

Fuata Moyo is a Swahili phrase meaning “to follow the heART”. Fuata Moyo is a brand and production company combining art and fashion to create unique pieces with personality. At Fuata Moyo we believe that love is the spirit that motivates an artist’s journey and home is where the heART is. Fuata Moyo is co-owned by siblings, Kabambi, Martine, Lucien, and Tshimaro Mbiola who come from a creatively gifted family with art and design embedded in their DNA. Fuata Moya is about continuing the family legacy and taking it to new heights.
Our brand offers an array of styles in fashion, accessories, and art, as well as experiences that include the customization of jackets, sneakers, or anything your heART desires. Our collections are designed in capsules in collaborations with local artists, designers, as well as our in-house team. Fuata Moyo’s approach is to implement a circular economy, which is reflected in the increased use of recycled and sustainable materials. Aiming for a well-curated offering at all times, we strive to make our product ranges local, original, and authentic. Our brand shares the joy of connecting with our customers and creating a personal and meaningful experience.

The Inception of Fuata Moyo Clothing

When we are faced with challenging times, it is often an opportunity to delve deep within ourselves to find the power to overcome them. The Covid-19 lockdown period was a testing time for our family but we tapped into our intuition and artistic ability which led us to an incredible opportunity with EGG Concept Retail. 

EGG is an OMNI-channel retail platform and space for local and international brands and designers. It is an innovative collaboration between Old Mutual and fashion retail entrepreneurs, Paul Simon (of Young Designers Emporium fame) and Arie Fabian (best known for building the Fabiani brand). EGG is based on the YDE model whereby disruptors, innovators, and entrepreneurs are brought together and unite under one highly creative, inspirational curated space.

The multidimensional sensory retail experience will launch at Cavendish Square, Cape Town. within the 3800 square meters of prime retail space previously held by Edgars.


The Fundraiser

For this campaign, we are asking you to join our journey in raising R100 000 to make our dream possible. The fundraiser will give us the opportunity to bring our first collection to life by putting it into production, nesting it at EGG Concept Retail before finding its way into your heART and closet.

As part of our crowdfunding campaign, we are partnering with our good friends at Casa Kongo and the Black Filmmaker’s Film Festival team to host a music gathering and an African Film Screening. We invite you all to join in the celebration of the Fuata Moyo fashion brand and come along with us on our fundraising journey.

Through our crowdfunding campaign, we are reaching out for your love and support to help us make our family dream a reality! 


Tipping Point Amount: R100 000

Dream funding Goal Amount: R350 000

Stage One

Our first goal is to produce a unisex fashion capsule collection. We are using the crowdfunding process to enable us to put our collection into production and be retailed at EGG at a tipping point goal of R100 000.

Stage Two

We then aim to establish Fuata Moyo as a home for capsule collaborations with various artists and designers in South Africa and beyond our borders into Africa.

Stage Three

The bigger picture is to have our own studio space and production house to CMT our garments in house and offer our manufacturing services to other young designers when we reach our goal of R350 000.

To inspire you to help us reach our milestones we are offering rewards as a thank you for being a part of our crowdfunding campaign and helping us to get the Fuata Moyo brand into our retail space at EGG. 

Thank you for your support. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. If you have questions, comments or suggestions about our donation, please email us on Info@fuatamoyo.com.

Any Queries?

Email us on Info@fuatamoyo.com

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